What is Intuitive Eating?

The Basics of Intuitive  Eating 

What is Intuitive Eating? An intuitive eater is defined as a person who “makes food choices without experiencing guilt, an ethical dilemma, honors hunger, respects fullness and enjoys the pleasure of eating. ” Intuitive eating is the practice of becoming an intuitive eater. 

Often, intuitive eating is paired with smoothie bowls, fruitarian diets, plant-based diets, vegan diets, omnivore and herbivore diets alike. How can intuitive eating truly be intuitive if we have created these food rules? 

In todays post, we will explore the value system of conscious intuitive eating and the root of some health imbalances that can distort your ability to intuitively eat. 

Personal Codes and Values 

When I describe Intuition, I describe it as a feeling in my body, often in my gut. It feels like  a “ hell yes” or a “ hell no” sort of feeling.  It is either a positive reaction or a negative reaction. How you experience you intuition varies. With that being said, this also means you survive by your own personal code. 

In my intuitive eating course ( its free!) we cover what it means to eat intuitively while still valuing our personal code and values. We also work on the feelings of guilt, recognizing fullness, and discovering how intuition resonates in our body. 

Conscious Intuitive Eating 

Does this sound contradictory? Just wait. Think back to your very own food rules. Where do these stem from?  An imprint, an idea, a philosophy outside of yourself? Tune into how intuition feels in your body as you think back to your food rules. Which ones resonate? 

As you work to define your personal code and lean into intuitive eating you are participating in conscious intuitive eating. The key thing to remember is this: At any time your code, values, and imprints change. This is why you must approach them without guilt, shame, or boundaries.  This is why intuitive eating is a practice above all else. 

Inflammation, Microbes, and Underlying Health Concerns 

Are there other factors that inhibit our ability to intuitively eat? Absolutely! Microbes, health conditions, and food sensitivities  are among the most common. 


Candida, Yeast, and other common microbes crave sugar ( and actually need this to survive) When they exist in our bodies in an imbalanced state they can cause stark sugar cravings.  This of course isn’t an intuitive craving, it is a symptom of an imbalance. 

Food Sensitivities 

We love what we can’t have. Isn’t that so true? Often we face the most resistance giving up the food which we know ( deep down) isn’t supporting our health. Aside from the emotional triggers and responses behind much of these food feelings there is also another reason why we just can’t give them up. 

Food Sensitivities are often addictive. No wonder we love them! Now imagine that food is sugar or dairy- Studies have concluded these are addictive.  Or imagine a stimulant.  These brewed together could create a perfect storm- As if this wasn’t enough to battle on it’s own! 

Underlying Health Conditions 

Insulin Resistance, PCOS,  Microbial Imbalances, parasites, genetics, and more all have an affect on our physical tendencies forwards food and even our emotional responses. 

 Paving the Way for Intuitive Eating 

With this in mind, it becomes clear that to intuitively eat we first must address our health. Start with a balanced meal plan, a detox, or a protocol to help with the root cause of sugar and carbs cravings before diving into intuitive eating. Pair this with a personal code and you are on route to  an easy balanced lifestyle and intuitive eating practice. 

 Ready to learn more? Check out the FREE intuitive eating course.

Do you practice intuitive eating? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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