My work is energetic by nature, and yet practical at heart.  It infuses the herbal wisdom of our ancestors with the applications of  the tried and true remedy of the flora and fungi.


Flower Essence Therapy

A vibrational Plant Medicine Practice that addresses emotional and spiritual wellbeing as means to support deep imbalance.

Folk Herbalism

The practice of herbalism inspired my ancestral tradition and wisdom of the village healers. My practice focuses on simple, slow, and nourishing herbs.

Mushroom Essence Therapy

An Alternative Plant Medicine Practice that uses mushrooms to energetically resonate with deep rooted archetypes and support imbalanced energetic states.

Flower & Fungi Essence Consultations


These sessions are suitable for those looking to address emotional and spiritual concerns with assistance from the flora and fungi. 

Flower Essence Therapy is a vibrational Plant Medicine Practice. The vibrational essences of the flora work to nurture emotional wellbeing.

Fungi Essence Therapy is similar, however, a mushroom’s essence works through the shadow and deep rooted archetypes. They work to support imbalanced states of being.

Within the session, we will explore your emotional and physical terrain to find a flower and/or fungi remedy that supports your current state.

Sessions are generally 45 minutes in length. Flower and fungi remedy not provided. Remedies are available for purchase.

1:1 Herbal Consultations

 First Session: $130.00/Follow Ups: 50.00

Suitable for those looking to address imbalance with assistance of herbal remedies like: nourishing infusions, teas, tinctures, and lifestyle integrations.

Sessions are conducted over the phone and are 60 minutes in length.