Ancient Wisdom of Menstrual Activism

PCOS and  The Yoni Steam 

 When I first discovered that I had PCOS, there was a sense of being overwhelmed, shame, and confusion. My PCOS diagnosis would lead me down the path to menstrual activism and a deeper understanding of both the endocrine system and the reproductive system as a whole-first hand. I had first heard of PCOS in high school when I started my research on holistic remedies to provide relief to cystic acne.  Simple google searches, really. I found deep in the vault of the internet a holistic remedy of grapeseed oil, applied to the skin overnight. I had been on  years worth of antibiotics for acne and in one week my skin was doing better than it ever had. Needless to say, I thought I was onto something. But what about the root cause?  I knew that acne was a signaling from the body, I just couldn’t decipher what.  Acne has always been my gateway into the world of holistic wellbeing. But even then, I was determined.

 So, proud of my research; my acne was truly a stereotypical case of high testosterone signals, I walked into my doctor’s office ready to discuss my plan of action. Trouble was, I didn’t have severe hair loss, hair growth, or weight gain that often came with PCOS(at 17, anyhow.). At the time, I was frustrated, but I was also naive. I didn’t understand how pharma worked, how little (most)  doctors know about women’s reproductive issues, and how much power, voice, and control  I had over how my body felt and it’s own unique healing. I guess you could say that I moved on- but I questioned everything. Something didn’t really sit with me right in my gut that day.

 Call it rebellious maybe, I call it activism. 

Menstrual Activism

Throughout the time of my reproductive wellbeing I insisted on getting pap smears early, I started to question my frequent yeast infections, the painful periods, the intense pain I would get, the acne I had left on my cheeks that never dulled, and eventually the way my body truly felt. I asked all the questions. I became an informed patient. I finally found a gynecologist willing to work with my plant-based lifestyle, herbs, and one who was willing to listen. They were also willing to take the tests that others wouldn’t. Which has lead me to my PCOS diagnosis. 

PCOS and Herbs 

PCOS can be managed via herbs, food, and lifestyle- although it’s often overlooked and highly complex. PCOS is one of those chronic conditions that look different for every woman who walks that unique healing pathway. Again, it’s often complex. I’ll save that for another day. But, down the road, I found the yoni steam. 

 The Yoni Steam: The Ancient Practice of Herbs for Reproductive Wellness

Yoni Steaming is Vaginal Steaming. I’ll be blunt. The practice includes heating herbs and allowing the steam to flow. It increases detoxification and blood flow to the uterine lining.  It  has been said to be useful  in eastern medicine to aid with: 

  • Increased fertility 
  • Decreased pain and bloating 
  • Increase  of secretions (detoxification) 
  • Correct menstrual cycles 
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Reduce pain from infections 
  • Energetically tend to the feminine creation center 

Yoni Steaming has been used for PCOS management and to help with the deformation of cysts by many eastern practitioners.  It’s said that menstrual cramps and infertility can possibly be derived by a build-up of the uterine lining that was not shed in a previous cycle- which is common in women with PCOS. 

When steaming, the oils from the plants are absorbed into the uterine lining and can aid in detoxification.

How can you yoni steam? 

With caution of course, you don’t want the steam boiling hot and you’ll want to speak with an herbalist or practitioner before use, However, the yoni steam traditionally is used with a yoni chair- although crafting your own will work as well.  Just allow the steam to cool after a boil, add the herbs, and sit over the herbs for about 20-30 minutes!

 In terms of the herbs, the best herbal blends are the ones uniquely crafted for you. Personally, I use a blended organic Ayurvedic mix.  However, there are many great blends on the market to try if you’re just experimenting! Generally, herbs like lavender, rose, chamomile, motherwort, and calendula are used for steams.

I love yoni steaming as it is a blend of sacred self-care, menstrual activism, and of course just another way in which superpower herbs can work for modern life and modern women. 

Would you try  yoni steams?

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