The Unseen Forces of Wellness

We are energetic beings. We all have energy centers pulsating through us. The heart and the brain of the most notable. Our neurons fire, our digestion is on autopilot-We are living examples of electricity in motion.

In herbalism, we often refer to the energetics of a plant or of a client when finding the most suitable remedy. In meditation, we can refer to these energy centers as chakras or ether. In medicine, we call them: the heart” and “ the brain”, etc.

As energy, you have energy moving through you: Food, emotions, trauma. These are all versions of energy you house in your body at one point or another.

Energy and Intuition are important functions of our bodies that often go unnoticed or neglected.

Energy build-up can often become illness or pain manifested through our physical body. This is what makes the emotional release possible during massage or chiropractic appointments. This is what makes Stress-induced IBS possible or even maybe, undiagnosed misery chronic pain as well.

Through embodiment, plant spirit communication, and connectivity back to self we can learn to release stored trauma, revitalize life force energy, and radically change our chronic pain narrative.






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