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The Perfect Timing: Winter Solstice and New Year Intentions

The Perfect Timing: Winter Solstice and New Year Intentions

If I had to put a theme to the past few months and the year rather, it would be “becoming season”. There has been something so intense about the past few seasons. A working of turning inward for clarity and outward to create.

Becoming: Connected, One, Creative. Becoming my self.

Who’s with me on this?

With that being said this “becoming” season must come to an end and with the Cancer Full Moon on the Winter Solstice on December 22nd, it will be just that.

The 22nd marks this year’s second cancer full moon(Super Moon too!) It is the perfect time to finish strong. Settle this year’s feelings of uneasiness and becoming and be ready to actually BE.

As a cancer moon sign, I am especially ready for this kick of on the 22nd. Make time for a moon circle(if that’s your thing!), journal, and set those new years intentions on this day. A perfect end to this beautiful year of realization. Get it all together and polished right before the holiday festivities so you can pull into Capricorn season ready for all the magic of 2019.

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