holisticlemon HolisticLemon Pancakes

Candida-Buckwheat Pancakes

holisticlemon HolisticLemon Pancakes


Candida-Buckwheat Pancakes 


1 cup of buckwheat flour

2 tablespoons of nut butter(optional)

3 tablespoons of date sugar 

1 cup of  plant based milk ( I love hemp milk and pea milk)

Dash of cinnamon

Dash of salt


 1.Combine all ingredients until a smooth texture is achieved (this should be a bit thick)

2. Add a bit of coconut oil to the pan and scoop  golf ball sized lumps onto the pan (should take about 3 minutes per side to brown).  A great tip is to toast one side fully before moving to the next side. The texture of these pancakes can make it hard to toast all sides evenly at the same pace.

Top with low sugar fruit (strawberries, blueberries, etc.), melted coconut oil, cacao nibs,  and cacao.

Serving suggestion: About a pancake in a half. These are dense pancakes and tend to be ultra filling!







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