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Why Wellness is An Intuitive Practice

Why Wellness is An Intuitive Practice

Can Wellness be a Practice? I’d like to think so.

Intuition is a ritual.

Wellness is a state of being.

Both require practice, adjustment, and passion. Quite frankly both are work. I like to think of wellness and intuition as sisters to each other; similar to yoga and Ayurveda. They work interchangeably and are interconnected by nature. Without the one, you are missing a key component to its work although, it still can be used and is often practiced without the other. It’s as if something is lacking.


Somethings missing.


So maybe you’ve been here. You practicing intuition, reading your tarot deck, journaling, meditating and really pulling in on the key components to an intuitive life and practice: Listening, attentiveness and honoring yourself and voice.

How did that feel? To be dialed in with your spirit and voice?

An intuitive wellness practice exists in simplicity. It is about listening to your body, being attentive to your true and most authentic needs and desires for your mind body and spirit and honoring that which your body needs.

Listen. Pay attention. Honor.

Now,  What does it mean to be truly well?

To be connected to mind, body, spirit on an energetic and bodily level. Simple. It’s intuitive at heart. Intuitive by nature.

Reel that in and reap the benefits.

Imagine if you plugged in the same level of connections, spirituality, and alignment to your wellness routine as you do your self-care rituals?


Now ask yourself is your wellness practice intuitive? Should it be?






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