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Wellness Cycles As A Functional Practice

Cycling is a  core part of my wellness routine and rituals. Whether its  my  mensural cycle, cycling foods for micronutrients, seeds, moon  phases, detoxes  and even seasons.

 All of these aspects are core to my self care and  helping me reach optimal health through mental, emotional, and spiritual outlets. I integrate cycling throughout each faucet into a routine:


In terms of food and Intuitive eating  their are many ways in which you can cycle your foods and seeds to align with this idea.

Every week I create a grocery list and light meals.  I make sure there is a good balance of diverse vegetables and plants that I can easily move around each day. They key to making this intuitive is to never assign these meals to specific days. I create a light plan, put the intention in my mind to diversify, buy the foods and keep it in the fridge: The rest is up to my body.

I also listen when my body is cravings or “ in the mood for” specific foods. In terms of cycling, If I know there is a specific food I ate in my meals yesterday- I ask myself what other foods do I have that give  the same vitamins or nutrients? For example, If I had Strawberries in my smoothie yesterday and I feel called to a berry smoothie again I will use acai to diversify my sources of antioxidants.


 In the female human body is is essential to tap into our cycles. The women body goes through  different cycles  and hormonal patterns each month that highly influence her energy levels, foods cravings, and dietary needs. While I will speak to seed cycling in another post, I want to encourage you to first listen to how your body feels within each cycle period:  mensuration, Folicular, ovulation, and the literal phase. It is highly likely you will feel physically and emotionally ( and even spiritually) different in each phase. Before diving into seed cycling I first tapped into my feelings during the phases and listened to my body and what it needed during each phase (  like exercise, rest, and food).


While I can speak to many cycles of spiritual wellness that I include in my routine, tapping into the moon phases and cycles have been at the forefront of my mind and routine recently.  Personally, I am deeply into and rooted in astrology and I apply each soon phase to my sun, moon, and rising sign. I use this a reminder and intuitive notion to prep me for the month, tasks, and possible times of the month will bring I have been using a handbook by the spiritual daughter that ask me very specific journaling prompts  to tie in with crystal healing, yoga, and meditation that I preform each New Moon and Full Moon. Using this time on each moon phase day has brought clarity to my life and mind: specifically by bringing clarity to my mind through the yoga and meditating and then settling down to  write to these journaling prompts. I highly recommend these workbook, but this can be as simple as mediating and then journaling  to these core questions: 

 What were my goals during the last moon phase?

 What steps and/or lessons have I  learned along the way?

 Who do  you want to be / what do I want to accomplish by the time of the next phase?

And thats it! Thats my routines for cycling the I include in my daily/ mostly life? Do you include cycling into your routine.

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