Pine Herbal Monograph

The Essence of Pine

Pine was my introduction to the plant path on my Candida healing journey. Pine came to me at a time when I truly needed a strong foundation in my health. Today, maybe this will find you in a similar scenario, or it will ask you to deepen your relationship with plants.

Herbal Monograph: Pine / Pinus 

Pine is a plant species in the pinaceae family. The bark, needles, pollen, resin, and buds can be used medicinally. These have been used by Native American and Northern European Cultures all over the world for wound healing, fungal infections, allergies, colds and other maladies.

Pine, in the form of Pycnogenol (a supplement), is used to treat fungal infections. This is where my journey with pine began. 

What I find interesting about many tree medicines (barks, resins, pollens, and needles), is their work against fungi. Yet, nature, we see this symbiotic relationship.I have always been fascinated by these natural connections between organisms. 

Plant Spirit Medicine of Pine + Uses

As a part of my herbal training, I immersed myself in the energetics and spirit of the plants. Pine is a deeply masculine spirit and is very astringent. Pine is also extremely sturdy and has an energizing fragrance. 

Before I started working with pine on my healing journey, it’s strong fragrance appeared to me during a healing session. When the practitioner out there hands over my crown chakra (top of the head) I began to smell pine intensely. It was rather pleasing to the whole body. After the session, I asked the practitioner what smoke bundle they used- as it didn’t seem very smokey -and the scent disappeared rapidly. They had used no fragrance in the session. This was my first encounter with pine, showing itself to me. Very soon after, I  coincidentally started a Pine regime for Candida, which proved to be the most successful treatment I had gone through and eradicated it completely. 

The spirit of pine can be subtle, like in the case of the simple Forrest. However, it can also be reverting and loudly make its presence known to those open to its medicine. 

Have you worked with pine? What has been its medicine for you?

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