Pathology: What you Need to Know about COVID-19 + Herbal Antivirals

What is the SARS and Corona Correlation? 

 SARS ( sudden  acute respiratory syndrome) is an earlier strain of COVID-19 and ALL corona virus strains.

Education, Preparedness, Increasing Immunity, and Herbal Antivirals 

The Coronavirus. Words escape me as I try to come to terms with its widespread fear, panic, infections, and society’s sudden change of pace.  There has been much talk about immunity and herbal antivirals. The healers, herbalists, nurses, doctors, naturopathic doctors amoung others: artists, grocers, foodservice members, public workers and ALL of us have truly come together in a large way. There are two ways to look at this:  The fear and the proactive action.  I have  been hitting the books, taking action, and trying to help in any way  I can. I have come across- many months ago at the start of this- Stephen Buhner’s Book Herbal Antivirals crossed my path with my diagnosis of Lyme.  I found a segment on the Corona Virus and SARS virus and decided to stock my medicine cabinet with these herbs. I have detailed my notes- with segments of comments from the up to date news, Mostly Buhners book, and the herbal antivirals that will come as great plant allies to you during this time.


  • SARS fatality rate is 6 %

  • The Corona Virus( COVID-19)  Fatality rate is surging at 3-4%- this is an evolving number.

How SARS and the CORONA VIRUS Interact in the Body

 I want to note- this is a blog post with my notes. I am in no way claiming right to this information and the amount of research provided by Buhner in here is something I will forever be grateful for. You can purchase his book here. I have made my notes in layman’s terms below so you can say educated and informed.  I am not claiming any treatments, preventions, or diagnosis in the work outlined below.

SARS attaches to sialic acid -converting enzyme 2( ACE-2 ).This membrane regulates  heart, vascular cells, and kidneys- it also regulates the RAS.  Also though, in the spleen, lungs, and lymph nodes.

When SARS attempts to attach to the ACE-2  it is the first line of defense (Licorice, Chinese, Skullcap)- and plants high in lectins (cinnamon and elder)- block this chain in some degrees.

How to increase lung function- by means of ACE-2?- Hawthorn and kudzu- Great for lung compromised and elderly.

The Cytokine Response 

Upon infection- cytokines are strongly unregulated.Then TGF is heightened as a response. Herbs to lower  this are angelica and astragalus.

The cyktoines are high especially in those that die with the infection, so this correlation should be strongly noted. 

Reducing the immune migration to the lungs, and reducing IL-1B decreases-cordyceps, Chinese skullcap, senga root, kudzu, bonset.

The damage of ACE heightens angiosteen and damages lung, spleen and lymph tissue. The virus acts to destroy mucus inducing cells- ciliated cells. Cila protective herbs are olive leaf and corecyeps. 

The virus acts upon the autoimmune response caused by this attack. The herbs known  to decrease to immune atttack-autoimmune response- are rhodiola ,cordyceps, astalagus. To be clear – a fully active immune system is effective in prevention but decreases as the virus integrates further in-at this particular stage. Increasing immunity is a necessary step right now for all. The virus stops the cells from producing an immune response and preys upon heightened immunity. For more information on the complexity please read: Herbal Antivirals. 

 As you may see through this cycle of contraction protecting Cells is important to decrease the infection: For that we look to Japanese Knotweed.

The effects on Cytokine  focus on immature cells- making is harder to produce T-cells- and therefore the virus makes its mark on the lymph, and lungs.Increase T cells with zinc, elder, licorice, and cordyceps.


Autoimmunity, Chronic Illness and COVID-19 

Those with pre-exsisting conditions  are noted as the individuals which need to take the most caution- as well as the elderly. There has been alot of talk on diabetes. asthma, lung condition, autoimmune diseases, and so on in relationship to this infection. 

It is ever so important that we prioritize self care- especially those which chronic health conditions- as someone with many- I can speak to this very strongly.  But also note, viruses mutate. Take the influenza pandemic for example. The first wave  effected the elderly and young. The second ages 20-40.  The time to take action is now. 


Stress, Fear and Panic 

Those with chronic illness know the relationship to their  stress directly affects their  pain and fatigue. This is a widespread lesson we can learn from our experience- fear induces panic- which induces stress. It is ever so important to focus on your immunity now and decrease stress. 


Avoiding the problem is not a coping mechanism- thats numbing. To avoid this common process make sure to allow your feeling to come to the surface- let them out through breathwork, yoga, movement, or speaking to a loved one. 


Actions to Take Now 
  • Grab Your herbals 
  • Movement, exercise 
  • Yoga, Breathwork, Kundalini
  • Take breaks from the news, social media, and talk of the virus 
  • Nourishing soups with herbs: Rosemary and Thyme 
  • Vitamin C
  • Food as medicine: Fruits, veggies, healthy grains 
  • Gua Sha and Lymphatic draining techniques like tapping 
  • Elderberry!!
  • Sleep
  • Showering and handwashing
  • Steams: Rosemary air steam 

Be Well, stay informed, and be prepared!


** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot prevent, treat, or diagnose any disease. Please contact a medical professional if you believe you are ill or may be ill.

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