Balancing Candida through modern herbalism, a plant based diet and an understanding of the wild fungi of our bodies.

The Course

We will explore not only the nature of how these organisms work but also the herbs, mushrooms, and practices that will lead to the balance of the fungi so our microbiome can return to equilibrium.

Fungi have the amazing ability to adapt to their environment. To understand how candida thrives in our own bodies we must first understand why, how, and what methods we have as hosts to these microbes and our pathway to health. As with any protocol, I believe individuality is key, in week one we will have an hour long consultation call to clarify your options and kickstart your journey to a balanced body. 


The Modules & Sessions
Understanding Your Ecology

This Module Will serve as the doorway for discovering your unique microbiology, digestive system, and understanding of Candida, Mold, and Yeast.

Plant Food

Discover the unique approach of using Plant Food for Candida Imbalance.  Discover your nutrient-dense, low Mold, Low Sugar, and prebiotic based options.

Herbal Pathways

Discover your Herbal Allies, Integrations, and the unique journey of plant remedies.

Rewild Your Inner World

Discover the Mushrooms, Fungi, Barks, and integrations that can support you in the balancing of your inner ecology.


Candida, mold, and yeast are fungi. When out of balance it can cause fatigue, brain fog, acne, weight gain,  memory loss, itchy skin, dandruff, bloating, and disrupt the entire ecosystem of your gut microbiome and your body as a whole.  To find gut health balance we must adjust levels of candida and yeast and/or eradicate mold without the disruption of the microbiome as a whole.


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