The Candida Course

Balancing Candida with help from the herbs, a plant-based diet, and an understanding of the wild fungi of our bodies.

Nurture Your Inner Ecology, and it Nurtures you

The course explores not only the nature of candida and other microbes/fungi but also how plants, mushrooms, and our own daily practices lead to a balance of our inner ecology. This causes our microbiome to return to its natural equilibrium.

Candida and yeast are fungi. When your gut is out of balance due to these fungi, it can cause fatigue, brain fog, acne, weight gain, memory loss, itchy skin, dandruff, bloating, which can disrupt the entire ecosystem of your gut microbiome and affect your body as a whole. To find gut health balance, we must adjust levels of Candida and yeast without the disruption of the microbiome as a whole. We must nourish the ecosystem and work with supportive herbs to find balance.

Course Outline
Understanding Your Ecology

This Module will serve as the doorway for discovering your unique microbiology and digestive system; as well as an in-depth understanding of Candida and yeast.

Plant-Based Nourishment

Discover the unique approach of using Plant-Based Food for a Candida imbalance. Discover your nutrient-dense, low mold, low sugar, and prebiotic-based options.

Herbal Pathways

Discover the Mushrooms, Fungi, Barks, and integrations that can support you in the balancing of your inner ecology.


This course will help you navigate dietary & spiritual restrictions, your work/home life, and help you navigate social responsibilities. Most of all it will prepare you for integration back into a more balanced approach to eating through phase two and three of the diet.


Fungi have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment. In order to understand how Candida thrives in our bodies and tend to imbalance, we must also be adaptive in our own unique pathway to good health. As with any protocol, individuality is key. 

This is why this course includes two 30 minute coaching calls. As you tend to your inner ecosystem you will have full support and a protocol that works with your journey.

Hi, I’m April,

I’m an Herbalist, Gut Health Educator, Energy Worker, and Microbe Whisperer. I began working with the flora, the plants, the microbes, and the fungi along the healing road. I suffered from Chronic Candida for many years before I discovered  the power of plants and herbal remedies. I went from practitioner to practitioner before I took up my own study in a desperate attempt to find answers and long lasting health. That  7 year journey, lead me to discover my unique  healing path and a framework which became the foundation of my practice as an herbalist. I uncovered the nourishment that plants provided for a body in debilitating pain and a body that had lost  true synchronicity and balance.

Our microbes, the plants, and our bodies work synergistically to maintain a harmonious ecosystem in the body- the microbiome- and when in balance support our bodies full spectrum of health. When we aim to restore this balance and deeply nourish ourselves it is then that we find vitality and a harmonious  inner ecosystem.

This course, targets  the fungus Candida and works to provide the foundations for restoring gut and body equilibrium. It is the exact method and framework I have used to eradicate my chronic candida and find balance in my body once again.

I am so honored to share this method and the wisdom of the plants with you. 

How This Course Works…

Through this self paced course we will explore the foundations of a healthy gut and microbiome, aim to restore balance to candida and other pathogenic microbes, discover the foundations of the Plant Based Candida Diet, and work 1:1 to find the herbs, food and practices that will best support you on your unique journey. 


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