Hemp Juice+ Oregano Elixir for Candida + SIBO + IBS

Hemp Juice+ Oregano Elixir for Candida + SIBO + IBS

Imagine blending the healing powers of hemp with powerhouse anti-fungal herbals? Meet the elixir bend I’m whipping up today!

The benefits of herbals, flowers, and plants are unique and helpful in their own right. But, there is a magic that happens when we blend the right herbals with each other. The difference is within the intent, herbal study and of course intuition.

When I started blending herbals for my various ailments I was only touching the surface on just how transformative plants could be when we used them for medicine.

Hemp is its own medicine and is used in many different varieties. Oregano is a powerful herbal for healing viral and fungal infections.

Today I want to reintroduce you or introduce you to a superpower in my healing: Cold Pressed Hemp Juice x Oregano Oil.

This is the cold-pressed hemp elixirs I’ve used to combat my natural inflammation caused by IBS, SIBO, and Candida.

What is IBS, Candida, and SIBO?

All three of these gut health ailments/ diseases are conditions of the gut and/or microbiome. While each of these has unique healing pathways and protocols and are different and similar in their own ways they do share a common symptom: Inflammation.

Inflammation is often a trigger response our bodies deliver when something just isn’t right. Anyone with digestive disorders can certainly say they know what it’s like to be the poster child for this situation.

So, When healing digestive ailments there are a few herbs that stand out: Hemp and oregano. 

Oregano is a superpower antifungal ( making it great for healing digestive disorders) It is exceptionally great for killing the overgrowth of bacteria that come with SIBO and Candida. It is so powerful it has the capability to wipe out the entire overgrowth anywhere from 1 week to a  few months time. Outstanding for a kitchen herb? I think so. 

The only problem? Killing bacteria is, well, really bloaty. 

While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, the initial phase of bloating that comes with healing our gut health is pretty standard. So, what can we do to ease the pain and discomfort of these digestive challenges? Welcome in: Hemp.

Hemp is known for its powerful aid in anti-inflammation.

The two together? Unstoppable.

Lumen Hemp Shot x Oregano Oil

A powerhouse for the bacteria and for great ease on your inflammatory bloating:  The Lumen hemp elixir upgrades you can make right in your kitchen!

-1-2 lumen hemp shots( I recommend the gutsy or the immune– the probiotics are great for repopulating your gut microbiome and the immune is equipped with turmeric another powerhouse anti-inflammatory!

  • Lemonade or juice( the hemp is pretty strong, so blending with lemonade is super tasty!
  • 1 teaspoon of spirulina (immune-boosting to help your body recover quickly) 
  • 1-3 drops of highly concentrated oregano oil ( I use a medical-grade).
Don’t have a gut problem?!

So, you may be thinking: what if I don’t have candida, IBS, or SIBO? Oregano is a powerful herbal for healing any compromise on the immune system and viral infections as well so don’t forget to add this to your holistic healing regime! 

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