Often the last stop on the healing road is with an Herbalist. Perhaps, you are on a long term health journey, looking to optimize your health, or  are actively seeking foundational practices and earth based remedies for chronic illness. Wherever may be April is here to support, nurture, and advise you on your path forward vibrant wellbeing.

1:1 Sessions With April

April is an Herbalist who works with those with Gut Health Disorders, Autoimmune Disease, and Chronic Illness. However,  as a holistic practitioner she works to support the body as a living breathing organism that work synergistically with all aspects of the body to find holism. She is able to meet you where you are on your health journey addressing current concerns, your health history, and your current protocols. 

These sessions are digital and held via a secure Telehealth platform. This digital landscape allows April to offer consultations anywhere in the world and gives you the flexibility you need on your health journey. To learn more About April head click here. To learn more about long term programs and coaching click here.

Initial Consultation

75 Minutes

In the initial consultation  you will begin to paint a picture of your wellbeing and April will begin to create an herbal protocol for you, work through solutions, and provide guidance.

The initial consultation is directly supportive as it works to provide insight and understanding about your health journey. The initial consultation is an in-depth visit where we will address health concerns, current protocols, health history, and discuss herbs, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and your individual health goals.

At the end of the session you will have a comprehensive herbal healing protocol and will be emailed the session notes, handouts, and other relevant material to best support you on your journey.

Follow-Up Sessions

45 Minutes

Follow up sessions may be booked on an as needed basis to fit your individual needs. They exist to support you fully has you navigate the healing road. May you find you are in need of extra support, frequent sessions, or perhaps just a follow up every few months or years April is here to support your unique plant path.


April’s approach to herbalism is through the lens of holism. This creates the foundation for her practice and influences the way in which she sees the human body. In nature, plants  survive by communication via mycelia networks and microbes within the soil. April works with plants as remedy, but also seeks  to mimic the bacterial element to bring a body to balance and harmony as the plants teach us in nature. As she sees this, this is the holistic way to practice herbalism and the truest path to dynamic health. With that being said the principles of this approach are based tending to the body as an ecosystem rather than each symptom as a unit which includes an approach rooted in nutrition, the microbiome, phytonutrients, herbal remedy, and and energetic approach to the healing the body through energy session work, ceremony, and dynamically approached coaching.

About April
As a weaver of the unseen, April works with energy, microbes, and deep mycelial networks of plants, fungi, and community to enhance her practice as an Herbalist and Gut Health Educator.  Having found the plant path and the Microbiome Method through her own chronic illness healing journey and herbal education April uses the foundations of a plant based diet, botanicals, and bacteria having learned that balance within these systems is the key to full body health. She weaves the realms of nature and energetic principles to bridge these ideologies of balance within her practice.