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Identify Body Signal and Read Into Your Intuition

The body is an amazing thing. It moves, filters toxins, remote controls our breathing and our organs. Amazing operations and workings. So, why do we ignore it?

I am a long time perpetrator of not listening to my body. Now, I eat, breathe and sleep mind-body awareness and is a practice I teach myself and share with others daily. Listening to your body is essential when it comes to intuitive eating, meditation and spiritual work, and for bodily awareness.

Your body signals to you daily. The basics of “I’m hungry”, “thirsty” and “tired” are natural in our daily lives, and most times under-valued. Sometimes, we avoid these cues and get our body used to the deprivation. These signals are vital to our optimal health, but the body, being versatile makes adjustments to the lack of nutrients, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. The body, in a sense, makes the necessary adjustments to make sure you can survive. It does so at a high cost.

The body is versatile and intelligent. Think about it: If you need magnesium you crave chocolate.Water? You’ll crave the coffee(or source where the body can gain some amounts of the nutrient you usually provide it.) Pretty amazing right?

The body also signals in other ways as well. It signals through stomach growls, food cravings, and physical ailments. Illness and pain are signals and they usually come from the deprivation cycle of not listening to your body in the first place. Hence, a final call for action and signals it gives to you. Pain: where you will listen most certainly.

The ailments that you suffer form are siganls from yoru body that somehtign is wrong, and gives oyu clues about what you are suffering from.

Poor digestion, toxin elimination, acne, weight gain, stress, and fatigue are all signals your body is lacking something. With tools like face mapping, research on gut health, and cleanses and detoxes you can help your body elivatate and cure these syptoms.

I think deep down we all have an udnertandin of this, the problem is thta in mdoern society it can eb hard to slow down and actually lsiten to our bodies.

Do you integrate meditation and intuitive eating into your practices? This can be a great tool for diving into your intuition and listening to your body.

A simple way to start to bring to bring this practice into fruition your life is to give your body what it asks for when it ask for it. See how this changes your energy, mood, and stress. Also, watch and see the effects such as weight gain and acne disappear. Listening to your body and your intuituon is the most powerful and innate tool you have. Use this to your advantage and remember this is a daily practice, and practices are meant to be well, practiced. Give yourself time to adjust to this new way of operating and see the magical physical and energetic effects on your body

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