In the realms of the Unseen...

Our human ancestors shared a long-lived relationship with nature. They used its medicine, spiritualized its bounty, and lived with wildly exotic guts. Live, heal, and ritualize nature like your ancestors in order to achieve radically vibrant health.

In the realms of the Unseen...

Our human family has long lived with nature, used it’s medicine, communed in ceremony, and lived with  wildly exotic guts. Live, Heal, and commune like your ancestors for radically vibrant health.

Follow Your Gut 

Navigate Gut conditions and autoimmunity through biodiversity, folk-style herbalism, and the healing arts

The Counter Culture Of FAD Diets

Looking for food freedom? Ready to ditch the diets, radically shift your health, AND eat nourishing and comforting whole foods? Unlock the tools to transform your body and craft a fluid and empowered relationship with food.

The Method


The key to health is in the interconnectivity and embodiment of self and all life. Your microbiome is much like your genome– unique to you. Nurturing your inner ecology is a stepping stone to health and immunity.


Energetically, autoimmunity is an expression of disembodiment. Through food, herbals, and daily practices, we can shift our physical and emotional landscape to support our bodies.


Plants and people have an interwoven history. For 60,000 years our ancestors used plants in ceremony, healing, and as medicine. We have lost the practical application of plants as allies. It is time to rekindle this in our modern lives.


The Gut is the foundation of our modern wellness. Our ancestors lived in communities with bacteria and pathogens and treated them with herbs and ceremonies. In fact, it shaped the evolution of modern humans. Could the key solve our modern illnesses be in our bacteria phobia, lack of plant medicine, and disembodiment? What if we nurtured our bodies as the ecosystem we truly ARE? How then would we approach healing?

Herbalist, Energetic Healer, & Digestive Health Educator

Sacred Food, Scared Remedies, Sacred Life.

A Compilation of Gourmet recipes, Personal Journey, and Musings


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