Healing with the Mind-Body Connection

1-1 Mentorship is designed to be guided self-healing discovery deep-rooted in  Physical embodiment , Self Healing, Practical Application, and Deep empathic communication and support. The body must be viewed from a holistic perspective, initiating the body’s innate system of healing through the reconnection to food, digestion, and even pain. This mentorship is for any and all who need to rekindle a relationship to their bodies and reestablish a concrete system of healing within themselves and their daily lives.

Remembering Our Relationship To Our Bodies.

1-1 Journey to Embodiment and Self Healing

I have structured this 1-1 Mentorship as an opportunity for you to take back your power learn the tools, rituals, and guidelines to initiate a self healing response and target your bio individual healing journey. I created this program, out of the experience of combatting illness,  dissociation to self,  anger for my pain, and a severed relationship to my body, plants, and earth. I then understood the building blocks to a foundational relationship with mind, body, and spirit is where true healing begins. Come back home to your body to make waves in your self healing journey.

Plant Medicine and Spiritual Allies

In this Immersion we not only conceptualize but bring into action the ways in which plants provide remedial support, but also help us dive deeper into our embodiment and journey as a whole. As an herbalist, I will work with you to help you discover herbs, plants, and foundation exercises to incorporate into your daily life to provide you with resources and alternative forms of support and action 

Physical and Energetic Integrations

In alternative modalities. we view the body as a holistic system with both energetic properties and physical properties. In this immersion, we will combine the physical support systems with energetic ones such as intuitive sessions, meditation, herbs, food, and movement practices. 

3 Month Immersion 

Weekly 1:1 Phone/Video Sessions
Accountability, Assignments, Empathic Support, and a Listening Ear.
Self Healing Assignments

Connect Back to your power, tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, ground down, and radically shift old paradigms.

Intuitive Sessions + Meditations
Come back into your body, connect deeper, and reawaken your innate power to heal and transform.
Email Support
In-between Session Guidance and Support
The Mentorship Journey
What I Specialize In
  • Candida + Fungal Infections
  • SIBO(small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth)
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive Disorders 
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Sugar +Refined Carb Cravings 
  • Endocrine Issues
Action Steps + Discovery
  • Rediscover your Bodies innate Ways of healing
  • Rekindle a relationship to food and your body 
  • Herbal Integrations for ailments + conditions 
  • Holistic Support + Modalities 
  • Vitality + Embodiment 
  • Support, Guidance, and Human Connection
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What Should I Expect?

You should expect support and an adaptable comprehensive healing plan.  This program will curate a pathway that targets your unique health goals, concerns, desires, and help you reach breakthroughs on healing any ailments or conditions you are currently facing on your health journey. Expect radical transformation.

I have limited energy, Can I still Do this program?

Everything about healing is going at your own pace-in fact it’s one of the largest parts of this journey. We take it One day at a time and I’m here for when things start to feel overwhelming.

Do you work will women who have any chronic illness?

I really encourage a 1-1 consult if you feel you do not fit the ” guidelines” above. I do specialize in certain areas but I very much target the whole body. When and only when I  believe a client is a  good fit, is the only time I accept clients into this program. Make a call to discuss your options. I offer free 15 minute consultations. If not I will try my best to direct you to other healers and resources that will benefit you on your path.

Is this program right for me?

Are you ready? The results are entirely up to you and your commitment to yourself, you’re healing, and your goals.  Your desire and interest in this program is the first step to this commitment. As is the human condition we often become fixated or even distracted from our goals. My job is ultimately to support, educate,  and encourage you through your weekly meal plan, daily action steps, weekly 1-1 calls, and 24/7 text support I will make sure you are prioritizing your health by listening and providing my guidance from research and personal experience. I am will you every single step of the way, once you take that first leap.

Are Payment Plans Available?

 Yes! This program is about practical wellness-therefore payment plans are offered.